Affordable Tooth Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

There are several inexpensive options for replacing missing teeth that provide full functionality and a natural appearance. Too many people avoid asking the dentist about their options out of fear that replacing a tooth will cost too much money. While everyone’s budget is different, with numerous options to choose from, it is far more likely that one will work. Payment plans may also be available to make each solution even more affordable.

The best way to determine the cost of a potential payment plan is to visit our dental office. Tooth replacement options for missing teeth include:

  • 1. Single implant

    Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular due to their appearance and durability. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement solution that provides patients with a new root and a new tooth. In this procedure, we implant a small titanium post under the gums and secure it to the jawbone. Over the course of a few months, the body will deposit bone around the implant to complete the process of osseointegration.

    This process allows for the implant to be as secure as a natural tooth. We then secure an abutment to the implant at the surface of the gums and attach a dental crown (new tooth) to it. Once in place, a single implant will look and behave like a natural tooth, allowing for patients to retain an active lifestyle.

  • 2. Dental bridge

    A dental bridge is a popular non-surgical procedure. we can replace one or several teeth using a bridge. In this procedure, remaining teeth act as anchors to support the new ones. Dental crowns surround the supporting teeth and we attach a bridge to them.

    We then secure the new replacement teeth to this gum-colored bridge. The result is a natural-looking smile that is permanent and secure. While not as durable as dental implants, it provides a similar level of security and natural appearance.

  • 3. Dentures

    The most affordable tooth replacement solution is dentures. This is because they take the least amount of time to create. There is no surgery and no dental crowns to place. Instead, an impression is taken of the mouth along with measurements. Detailed information for how the denture should be shaped and how the teeth need to look, will be sent to the dental lab so that the dentures can be created.

    This can take place in a matter of weeks. Once a natural-looking set of dentures is ready, they will be sent back to the dentist and a patient will come in for a fitting. Dentures can be used to replace a full mouth of teeth or to replace a tooth. It really depends on the needs of the patient.

  • 4. Implant-supported dentures

    Patients who are interested in dentures but want more security should consider implant-supported dentures. With this procedure, a set of dentures is created but held in place using strategically positioned dental implants.

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Tooth Replacement Options


A complete denture is made out of acrylic and replaces all the missing teeth in a single jaw. Some people learn to adapt to complete dentures. Others find them uncomfortable or even intolerable. This is especially true for lower dentures. Similar to removable PARTIAL dentures, complete dentures also need to be removed periodically during the day to clean underneath them, and also need to be soaked in a cleaning solution at night when sleeping. Food gets caught underneath them making it uncomfortable to eat. As the jaw continues to shrink away with time, the dentures become more and more difficult to keep in the mouth without falling out.

Removable Partial

A removable partial denture is made out of metal and acrylic and replaces missing teeth like a retainer. It is held in place by metal wires or “clasps” which hug the adjacent healthy teeth. The metal wires can often damage teeth long term. A removable partial denture needs to be removed periodically during the day to clean underneath it, and also needs to be soaked in a cleaning solution at night when sleeping. Food gets caught underneath often making it uncomfortable to eat.

Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is cemented to adjacent healthy teeth. Multiple adjacent teeth need to be drilled down and thus permanently damaged to support a fixed bridge. A fixed bridge can be a good option to replace missing teeth but usually only when dental implants cannot be placed.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most comfortable and permanent solution for replacing lost or missing teeth. They form a strong foundation and keep the jaw healthy. Implants support individual replacement teeth or secure specialized dentures in place. Unlike bridges, no healthy teeth are damaged. Unlike most bridges, with proper maintenance implants can last a lifetime. Implant-supported replacement teeth are attractive, stable, and comfortable for almost any patient.