What Is Pain-Free Dentistry?

Pain-free dentistry or “sleep dentistry” is a type of dentistry where the patient is given special medication, which is designed to help them to relax whilst they are having dental procedures.

Although most patients are not completely asleep during the procedure, a general anesthetic may be administered in extreme cases. Taking this medication for pain-free dentistry helps the patient to release themselves from their troubles, which will mean that their trip to the dentist will be less stressful for them. Medication can be administered in a variety of ways, depending on what your fears are. Trust your local dental team at New Image Dental for a gentle oral administration, IV or using nitrous oxide.


Is Pain-FreeDentistry For You?

At Cruse Dental Center all of our staff and dentists will do everything within their power to help you to feel comfortable when you visit our dental office.

Helping you feel more confident about visiting the dentist regularly and maintaining your oral health.

If your dentist feels that you will benefit from pain-free dentistry then the procedure will be thoroughly explained and we will schedule and appointment.


Dental Anxiety

pain-free dentistry from Cruse Dental Center is the most viable option.

The need for pain-free dentistry is obvious. For centuries, dentists had a negative reputation, because a trip to the dentist would usually mean having a painful experience. Dentists have developed their own unique place in the collective psyche, as something to be feared. Thankfully, dental techniques have vastly improved over the last few decades, and going to the dentist is a far more pleasant experience.

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Types of Sedation

We also offer two types of sedation- nitrous oxide and oral sedation. 

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a great option for those who want to experience a little more relaxation during their treatment. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is very safe, non-invasive, and helps those with mild anxiety during their treatment.

A great benefit to this type of sedation is that there are no side effects such as lingering grogginess so that at the end of your treatment, you can resume your normal routine.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is usually reserved for those who suffer from severe anxiety and is achieved through the use of anxiolytics (any drug used to treat anxiety). This is also a safe and non-invasive option. 

Before your procedure, a prescription will be given for a medication to be taken the night before. An additional dose will be taken at our office before the procedure to ensure that you are relaxed and stress-free. For your safety, we ask that you secure a companion to drive you both to and from the office the day of the procedure.